Bathing Mouse

Bathing Mouse .. The mouse takes a bath by itself .. Cleaning sick mouse caught in the shower !! Where the soap-bubbling rat would go after the shower was a matter of curiosity.


Bathing Mouse
Bathing Mouse




Although it is very interesting, life continues …


Let’s get to the real face of the event .. First of all, did you notice that the animal we call a mouse does not have a tail …

So actually it’s not a mouse. The animal you see in this video in Peru is called pacarana. It looks like a rat, therefore from rodents.

The sad thing is that world-famous sites such as Gizmodo and NYTimes received the answer from the researchers. All researchers say that the creature we see standing and bathing like that human is actually not happy at all.

They say that soap hurts his skin and because he is afraid of dying, he wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Professor Jason Munshi-South points out that there is no water in the video. So as the friend who filmed the video said, when I entered the house I saw a mouse taking a shower, it is not in any condition. The animal we call Pacarana is soaked in soap and wants to get rid of it quickly.

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